Apple Fest

Our Festival

For the past thirty years, Apple Fest has continued to grow from a small, one-day event to a bustling weekend along Lincoln Avenue from Lawrence to Eastwood. The Festival has brought over 35,000 apple-loving attendees to Lincoln Square, driving foot traffic to support local businesses and strengthening our

Who We Are

Founded in 1948, the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce (LSRCC) is a not-for-profit association of approximately 250 local businesses, institutions, and professionals in Chicago’s Lincoln Square and Ravenswood neighborhoods.

The LSRCC supports local business with a variety of community events, educational workshops, consumer incentive programs, and more. The LSRCC also acts as service provider for the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Improvement Program, an
engine for economic development that beautifies and unifies Lincoln Square’s busiest retail corridors. Using these tools, the LSRCC seeks to improve the economic well-being and quality of life in our two
neighborhoods, one community, working together.

Your Donation Matters

Now more than ever, these donations matter! You can make direct donations on this site, and you can
also make a purchase! All proceeds directly support the small businesses participating and include a
donation to the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber Of Commerce.

We Want To Return!

Apple Fest wants to return to the street when it's safe to bring you a unique fall festival experience. Your financial support this year ensures the small businesses, breweries, restaurants, and farms can continue to operate.

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