Edgewater Candles
Pickup Packages at Ricochet's Tavern, 4644 N Lincoln Avenue

Local candle shop featuring collections of mason jar candles and diffusers free from additives and dyes.


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Honeycrisp Candle
$ 26.91 USD

The sweet-tart flavor of Honeycrisp apples shines in this bright and balanced fragrance . . .

Apple Tart Tatin Candle
$ 26.91 USD

The fresh baked aroma of the classic French Apple Tart Tatin fills the air with notes of apples . . .

Cider Mill Candle
$ 26.91 USD

Caramel apples, warm cider, and fresh doughnuts blend together over a blanket . . .

Spiced Apple Cider Candle
$ 26.91 USD

Wrap your hands around a mug of spiced apple cider with the steamy aroma . . .

Autumn Scents Tin Quartet
$ 57.96 USD

4 Travel Tin Candles

Pack of Gifts Gift Pack
$ 107.64 USD

4 tins and 2 jar candles

Limited Edition Apple Quartet
$ 99.36 USD

4 Mason Jar Candles

WFH Tin Pack
$ 43.47 USD

3 Travel Tin Candles