Dovetail Mixed 4-Pack

Dovetail Brewery

A mixed 4-pack of Dovetail Brewery’s Helles, Vienna Lager, Hefeweizen, and Kölsch. Continental styles brewed with traditional methods in Chicago’s North Center Neighborhood, perfect as an introduction to the brewery.

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What’s included?
A mixed 4-pack of Dovetail Brewery’s Helles
Vienna Lager

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A mixed 4-pack from Dovetail Brewery. Helles: Brewed especially for baseball season, this Helles is the ultimate easy-to-drink beer. Malty, floral, refreshing. Vienna Lager: Copper in color, with a warm, malty character, it's made with 100% Vienna malt and Styrian Golding hops. Rich, caramel-toned, inviting. Hefeweizen: A rich, yolky-orange wheat beer, featuring the aroma of clove and fruit in perfect balance. Refreshing on a warm day with a hint of mandarin orange-like acidity. Banana-clove, effervescent, sunny.Kölsch: A happy beer, sessionable, makes you want to have glass after glass. Fruity, floral, crisp. Item price includes transaction fee.

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