Pretty Rotten Hand Care


Our hands have been through a lot this year! Keep them clean and moisturized with this pretty rotten . . .

$ 41.40 USD
What’s included?
Tokyo Milk Pretty Rotten shea butter handcreme
“you think I’m f***in around about hygiene?” 2 oz hand sanitizer
Gold contactless safety door opener

Additional Info

Are your hands feeling dry yet? All of the hand washing and sanitizing is taking a toll on our hands. Using this contactless door opener means touching less germ-ridden surfaces! But, when you have to, what better way to sanitize than with this cheeky bottle that tells everyone how seriously you take hygiene? Keep those hands moisturized as we head into cooler, drier temperatures with the pretty rotten shea butter handcreme. It’s extremely moisturizing and smells of apple, rose, mandarin, and forest greens. Item price includes transaction fee.

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