Savory Spice Fall Classics

Savory Spice

It's comfort food season! Chili, Soup, Hot Chocolate and Apple Crisp is on the menu!

$ 43.47 USD
What’s included?
Spiced Apple Bake Spice 'N Easy
Thai Coconut Curry Soup Spice 'N Easy
1 c. Classic Hot Cocoa
Southwest Chili Con Carne Spice 'N Easy
1/2 c. jar of Pie Spice
1 oz bag Chai Spices

Additional Info

These delectables are meant to be eaten in a sweater or a flannel on the back deck in October! Enjoy a hot chai or hot chocolate, a bowl of soup or chili, and follow it up with a serving of apple crisp! Item price includes transaction fee.

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